Welcome to Chengdu

Chengdu impresses tourists for its beautiful environment, abundant resources, long cultural history, delicious dishes and relaxing lifestyle. It is a marvelous city where you don’t want to leave once you come.


Environment & Resources

Chengdu plain covers more than 40% of the area of Chengdu which grants the people there fertile and excellent agricultural conditions and the birthplace of various cultures. You can visit the Taoist Holy place, Mount Qingcheng, and the tallest hill in Chengdu, Xiling Snow Mountain. You may walk through the ginkgo-covered avenues, even explore the footprints of giant pandas and golden monkeys in the verdant mountains. Therefore, Chengdu is renowned as the Land of Abundance.


History & Culture

Chengdu plain has been given a culture full of variety by its long history. Such as Chinese Taoism and Buddhism. You can realize the ingenuity of the ancients through the Dujiangyan Irrigation System and feel the literary excellence of Chinese ancient poets by visiting the Du Fu Thatched Cottage. The 2000-year-old Shu Brocade and Shu Embroidery weave a colorful history of Chengdu. To experience the tea culture with the long history of Chinese civilization, you can not forget to try “Emei Snow Bud”. The unique planting environment and cultivation techniques in Chengdu plain make its fragrance delicate, sweet and mellow, with endless aftertaste.



As one of the four major dishes in traditional Chinese characteristics, Sichuan cuisine has been already taking root in Chengdu plain. It has absorbed the essence of Sichuan cuisine, hailed as the Paradise of the Gourmet for diverse dishes, extensive materials and varied flavors. There are many cates in some chophouses as diverse as Hot Pot, Bobo chicken,Mapo Tofu and Kung Pao Chicken, which satisfy your taste buds.



Leisure is a slogan of Chengdu lifestyle. You can soak a cup of tea made in a covered tea bowl, listen to the sound of mahjong from the street and lanes, or ramble in the Broad and Narrow Alley and Jinli Ancient Street. Chengdu is a paradise for shopping as well, there are a number of business districts bringing convenience to your life and the Chunxi Road is the third flourishing commercial street in China. Metro and high-speed rail, which stretch in all directions in Chengdu, make all the attractions around easy to reach.


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